I am one who pay homage to past, present and future by living truth. Although you may see me as an African-American man with melanated skin, the truth is, I'm not just myself. I'm a conglomeration of many elements of many dimensions.  That thought is representative of all the elements of the periodic table of life and throughout the evolutionary process. From the time when atoms of hydrogen, helium, carbon and oxygen first bonded together to formalize the very first intentional community.  - They became the greatest enterprise of all times, called CONSCIOUSNESS, which is the same as LIFE, LIGHT and LOVE. Consciousness gave birth to the physical universe, which is also conscious. This history and genesis of life is the history and genesis of myself. That is who I am and that's what I represent. Somewhere, somebody wrote these words which is my alma mater:

"I am made of energy. I will always exist. Whatever happens in this life is a vehicle to move me along, not a beginning or an end. No matter what the ego tells me. No matter what the body feels. Those are merely experiences that I need to feel to achieve what I came here to do, be and experience.
On some level, I already know everything that needs to be known. I don’t remember it all right now because it would prevent me from the experience of the here and now. When I seek my truth, it will come back to me.There is nothing to fear. There is infinite love here. All that is, glows divinely from within me."____Anonymous

 I am a multi-dimensional conglomeration of many spirits on this mission, and what we say is "UBUNTU," meaning: "I am because we are, we are because I am. I am we. We am I.' The cosmic consciousness is who I am.