‚ÄčFrom 1998-2008, I walked to numerous places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient temples, mounds, pyramids, monuments and megaliths, many of the high energy spots in the world. I walked with the faith, and the courage, that humanity is my family and mother earth is my home. The walk I walk and talk I talk is called "One People, One Earth. 

For seven of those 10 years, I got to many of these places by walking until someone offered a ride; fasting until someone offered food; and camping out until someone offered a place to stay. All the assistance I received on my journey, including sponsors and donations came totally unsolicited; it came solely by divine appointments. The "Science of Faith Travel is the fine art of "Letting go and letting God." The journey to freedom is inside ourselves. When fear knocks at our door and faith answers...no is there.

I am a walking "Diviner." And in my travels, I have been the receptacle and anchor for the Mother Ship of love. There is no denying the love is the law of the universe.  "As It is Above, So it is below." Or "On Earth, As It Is In Heaven. 2007-2008 I walked across the United States on the "I AM America Medicine Walk" a pilgrimage to several vortexes found on Native American land. In my sojourn, I was hosted by numerous reservations, villages, intentional communities, churches, communities and families; of all ages, sex, colors and creeds. It took a year to finish, but my photo journals with show you the glorious times I had on that journey and the plethora if people by divine appointment all orchestrated by the most high. The purpose of the spiritual expedition is to vigil at the portal for American to become the leading Nation in the World for peace and sustainability. 

I subscribe to the ancient principle that walking is the most effective way to activate the vortexes within ourselves and at high energy places. And I discovered that a walking vigil back to nature is where the reception is a lot stronger and clearer; and I become a receptacle and a transmitter for the Oneness of all Creation. Several days of walking is a pilgrimage moving energy. I have successfully carried my One People, One Earth Mission to 59 countries and 6 continents; and plan to land on Antartica before 2020.