Brother NorthStar does not solicit donations. Being true to the laws of cause and effect is the ethereal currency I need to get the One People, One Earth (OPOE) story told. Faith is my currency and Trust is my passport. I never had to solicit because there has always been those of you who consider my Earth-Walk as an extension of yourself and would like to participate in the One People One Earth journey in anyway you can. We've known each other for many life times and readily recognize each other by the work that we do. Our kinship is by divine appointment in this incarnation, where we agreed that we would be the perfect person, at the perfect place and at the perfect time - for each other - while we usher in the paradigm of "Oneness." We agreed we would exchange various gifts that each other needed. If you happen to be one of these spirits, you will internalize the message when you read, hear or see the words, "One People, One Earth."  It is the clarion call for all "Children of the Sun" to activate and carry out the divine plan to co-create heaven on earth. You know who you are. It does not matter what race, religion, creed or sexual orientation. It does not even matter what species you are. You are family. All of Creation is Family. OPOE is a movement of raising our planetary vibrations to the frequencies of higher dimensions. We are the Heaven here on planet Earth. We are the "As it above, so it is below." We are here to echo the voice of the future: Our planetary awakening will be realized whether we like or not. And there nothing anyone can do about. It is a mission cannot be denied. It is coming by the sheer will of our global family connection. No amount is to small. Think of your participation as being a shareholder in Penny Stocks for Heaven on Earth: You can give a thought, a prayer or a penny. What would you give for planetary Oneness? If all you can give -  is to pass this One People, One Earth message along to others - you will have rendered a crucial service for perpetuity; this offering is a gift of astronomical proportions just by being a "Conscious" link in the coming paradigm of "Oneness." We are Co-Creators of our own planetary reality. So, really? Who is my sponsor? The "I AM." "I AM Because We Are - We Are Because I AM - I AM We - We AM I." The African Ancestors called this Ubuntu.

In the name of Liberation for Humanity and Mother Earth, my earth-walk is in deep gratitude to you all.