Arthur Bogomil Burton​

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The Peace Pilgrim, herself, walked from the age of 50 until her passing, in her 80’s. Mildred Lissett Norman.

       A Peace Pilgrim office is located on a road the far least travel. It is a job position that only a rare few on the planet would try to fill. We walk until someone offers a ride; we fast until someone offers food; we camp out until someone offers a place to stay.  
       In order to be a Peace Pilgrim, you have to be able to go within in order to do without. - That is, you are determine by will and self definition to work for the greater good than to work for the death and destruction of your own planet. 
        This work is not an overly sought after position; this is not an highly competitive field. It does not pay any monetary compensation; you haven't any visible consistent means of support; it does not have any fringe benefits: no retirement plan, health insurance or hospitalization. Faith is our only currency and trust is our only passport. I walk with the faith that humanity is my family and Mother Earth is my home. 

The Ancestors had a saying, “The best way to talk the talk is to walk the walk.”



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