1. One People, One Earth Lecture/Performance/Workshops: The oration is a discourse on faith vs fear. It is a sharing of many stories  accompanied by power point, audio, videos and photos.  The lecture is called the Science of Faith Travel; based on my personal experiences of walking around the world on faith. You will learn what was the catastrophic event that served as the trigger for my awakening? What was the cross road in my life that brought me to make such a life altering decision. How faith became my currency and trust my passport.  How I discovered that the alchemy of manifestation is in the intention. And how by adhering, strictly, to the laws of cause and effect (Nature) you are protected and kept from harms way? 

Another Lecture/Workshop offers a wholistic look at isms and schisms from the lens of "One Conscious" Thinking. Explore the questions: Who Is Racism? What Is Racism?  When was Racism Invented? Why was Racism Invented? Where is Racism Today? And How Is Racism Prevailing? And How To Stop It and Abolish It. Together as a group, we remove all the costumes of isms and schisms down to it's naked truth: Separate Unconscious Thinking = Fear. In another session we can explore Separate Thinking verses One Conscious Thinking. We ask ourselves the hard questions: What Is Fear? Why Is Fear? Who manufactures our fear? Who benefits from our being separated from each other and our planet? And what is it about ourselves that they are afraid for us to find out? And why?  And Who Is This Abominable They? Discussing ways and technics to decolonialize our minds; and decode our subconscious (of fear, guilt, blame, condemnation) by re-coding our DNA (With love, compassion, and Oneness.) There is no fee, but will accept a stipend to curtail expenses and any love offerings collected or donated to my paypal account. 

2. Performances:My most polarizing thought in my head is "One People, One Earth." It is my most cherished frequency to dwell on. This is how I attract like-minded people everywhere I go. My mind turns into a magnetic force. I propagate this in thought, word and deeds. It is the main message in the play that I wrote called, "Chattin' with the Mother;" in song or poetry: and rap called, "Talk That Talk-Walk That Walk; or "Ode To the Black Man: The History Lesson." It comes through when I am beating the drums; and in telling stories of my life experiences. All this is accompanied by power point slides and videos of my travel photo journal. A persuasive presenation to show that we are living in the greatest times of human history to let our love-light shine bright. There is no fee for this service, but will accept a stipend to curtail expenses and any love offerings collected or donated to my paypal account. 

3. Pilgrimages: Today, my assignment is three-fold: a) To continue my One People, One Earth pilgrimages to various portals of the planet; and b) to bring those energies where I am called or most needed on the planet.  c) To facilitate bringing as many people back to nature as I can. I am known at various intentional communities with wonderful programming to experience nature. If there is anyone who finds what I do, interesting and would like to invite me to (walk the walk of faith and talk the talk of trust for One People, One Earth in) your communities I would be happy to do so free of charge. Like the Sun I let my light shine on everything and everybody. I am available to bring the "I America Medicine Walk" or the "One People, One Earth Medicine Walk to your community.  If you have any sacred sites in your area that you feel need activation or places of pristine beauty for your own emotional releasing - all you need do is get me there, sleep me and get me back. You don't even have to feed me.  I would come by car-share or whatever you can arrange. Like any good pilgrim, I am low maintenance, I don't require lavish V.I.P. treatment for the opportunity to share my stories. I come with sleeping bag and tent or I can sleep on a floor. I accept whatever accommodations offered. There is no fee, but will accept a stipend to curtail expenses and any love offerings collected or donated to my paypal account. 

4. The Halo of New York Tour: This is a series of tours throughout the state of New York consisting of Natural Wonders; Rock Gardens, Gardens, Museums, Mausoleums; Temples; Churches; Mosques, Synagogues; United Nations; and other sacred spaces throughout the area, that were dedication to the evolution of humanity and the planet Earth. This is the only service where we charge a fee. The fee depends upon the tour package you choose by reservation. To see Tour Packages  

5. Life Coaching by phone or in person. ‚ÄčThere is no fee, but will accept a stipend to curtail expenses and love offerings. 

In the name of Liberation for Humanity and the Planet Earth, my earth-walk is in deep gratitude to you all. 
                                                                             ONE PEOPLE, ONE EARTH!