My Earth Walk is deeply rooted in my relationship with the creator, the deities of nature and the Ancestors. Going on pilgrimages to propagate One People, One Earth is my way of continuing the moral legacy of my African-American heroes/she-roes, such as Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Sojourner Truth; and all abolitionist who lost their lives, their property and the pursuit of happiness in order to abolish any injustice to any human being, plant, animal or earth. 

In this modern of day of Economic slavery, One People, One Earth is the walk that I walk and the talk that I talk as I do pilgrimages to sacred places all over the world. My mission is to assist in raising the frequency of our planet by abolishing fear - the mother of all the isms and schisms that separates us from each other and our planet - by consistent acts of faith. It is with Faith and Compassion that I work for the liberation of humanity and the planet earth.