9. The MVP of this game are those who make an occupation of doing what brings you joy and bring joy to all you do.

10. That you must remain silent in all situations and speak only when spoken to; and if you can bring clarity where there is confusion; bring harmony where there is discord; and be the bridge between all polarities. Leave the trail better than you found it.

love as your weapon of mass construction.

7. That you must take responsibility as a co-creator. If you don't like your circumstance, learn the lessons, clean up your messes and create a new reality.

​8. That you must maintain a Gratitude Attitude at all times and treat every occurrence as a priceless gift.

1. Know Thy Self: Remember “I AM” is our true cosmic identity and that all of creation is our heritage.

2. Abundance is our birth right: That we are obligated to keep Spiritual Integrity by living strictly according to the laws of cause and effect.

never take anything people say or do personal; and don't expect.

​5. That you are never to be who you are not: Don't manipulate, engage in gossip or make assumptions or in any shape, form or fashion contribute to the imbalance of our great planet.

6. That you can only use acceptance and compassion as your armor and shield and the laser of 

The game is to remembering The following:​



your weapon of mass construction. Use the power of your words for truth, justice and oneness only. This is first cause that are the keys to the Kingdom.

4. That we are on the planet, but not of it. That our planet is polarized in the matrix of separateness, fear and dysfunctional beliefs system. That this is the dimension of duality and amnesia so we are to